Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow . I just can't wait for it . It's PARTAYYYY time bebeh . G hotel waiting for us . The pool , the bar , the room and of course the bed ! Good time with loved ones . New life begin , with new people around me . It's the end of 2010 , beginning of 2011 . My christmas and birthday was awesome . I had a splendid celebration with my girlfriends . Thanks Mia for the birthday cake , it was lovely and delicious . To my girlfriends who turned up the other day , thanks a lot ladies . Thanks for the gifts too . My holidays was well spent with my crazysexycool cousins . We had great time together . I wanna do bad things with you . That is Maizura's phrase . I will always remember that girl .
Well , throughout the whole year of 2010 , i've make a lot of mistakes . I've learnt a lot too . Those memories i had with my loved ones , i'll cherish it with me . I'm sorry for all the harsh words that came out from my mouth , things i did that hurt you peps , thousand of apologies .

This is for you ; boy , i wanna say sorry and thanks for everything . I never regret being with you . Not even a little bit . I was proud to be someone that you love the most , it's just me . Perhaps i was too rush in making my own decision . I should have think about us but i guess it's too late for everything now . Thank you for the birthday wish that you've sent to me . I was happy to read it especially when you told me that you miss me . Boy , i miss you too . Maybe a lot more than you do . Remember , you used to tell me ; let's grow old together forever ? There are so much things we did together . I still love you anyway , and perhaps one day you'll meet someone better than me . I will always remember the smile that you gave to me when we first met cause that smile makes me fall for you . I hope 2011 will be a good year for us to start a new life , but hey , we are still friends right ? I'm here for you if you need someone to talk too . Don't worry i don't hate you and i will never hate you .

Friday, December 24, 2010

I can't wait !

Ohhhhhmmmyyyyyyyyy ! I am so excited for tomorrow . I just can't wait for it . Can't wait for the clock to strike at 12pm . 25th Dec . It means a lot to me . Well , it's not only just Christmas but it's my birthday as well . I'm turning 19 . Can you believe it ? Damn . I still can't . I don't even know if i were to act like 19 year old adult . Wait , i still considered as a teenager . Not too young , not too old . I'm balance . I can't wait for surprises too . Phone calls and text messages . Non stop wishes . Perggghh , belagak macam kau celeb Hanni oih . Lol . I'm just happy and super excited for birthday . I can't wait for Daddy's and Kak Nur's calls . I miss them a lot . I can't wait to see Mia's cake . She promised to bake a cake for me . My birthday cake . I can't wait for gifts . Yes , i know i DEMAND FOR GIFTS . Call me whatever , i don't care . Birthday kasi chance lah . It's only once a year . I can't wait to go for Birthday dinner with Mama , Umi & Mum . Birthday dinner with unregistered too . I just can't wait for Saturday although it's only few hours from now . Too all christian , Merry Christmas . Have a blast Christmas with loved ones .

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I cry a tear to start a river

It's hard to put your feelings into words , it's hard to explain how you feel . When someone asks you what's wrong , it's really hard to answer . You know you can't set words on your feelings and you know that no one can understand how you feel unless they'd felt the same way before .

Everyone got different problems , different reasons to be sad , to cry . You'd might be broken inside , but never tell anyone the reason why . No one can understand and no one really cares .

- I was shocked to see you yesterday . My heart feel like explode and it beats faster than usual . Then i realised that i've actually missed you -

Friday, December 17, 2010

Super Awesome Lame outing ;)

Today , went out at 12.30pm to Qb . Met Serene and Melvin there . Thought of buying a dress since MNG is on sale now , so do Forever 21 . Serene bought a lot . Jealousnya . I'm so broke but then i feel like shopping . What the hell ? Plan to watch movie but then we girls need to do trading at little india , so Melvin suggested that we watch movie at gurney . It'll be nearer . Left my atok's car at Qb and Melvin drive to little india . After trading , OMG ! Kami perempuan terasa begitu cantik . Lol . Bulu bulu semua dah gone . Zero bulu ;) Bumped into Parthiban at Ananda Bahwan before we left to gurney . Had lunch at PastaMania . Took some pictures of us , but it's with Serene . Will upload soon . The worst part of the day , orang cakap spoiler of the day , we watched Haunted Changi . Dalam bahasa melayu apabila di translate kan menjadi ; Changi Yang Berhantu . HAHA . I wanted to watch the other horror movie called ; My Soul To Take but then the couple wants to watch Haunted Changi because they said it's a " nice " movie , according to Malcolm . So okay , haunted changi here we come . It took 20 minutes just to start that bloody show and for your infomation it's the worst lame shit horror movie ever ! I slept in the cinema . The movie is about a world war 2 between the British and the Japanese and bla bla bla historical facts . Whatever , i couldn't be bothered . Sumpah bodoh ok . It's more like a documentary by the Singaporean . Macam tue pun boleh jadi movie ke ? My godness sake , please fcuk yourself after watch that movie . Trying to be one of the kind ? Nah , you failed ! I couldn't stand that lame shit movie so we went out from the cinema . Burn my 6 bucks . It's still a money ok . I'd rather watch Rapunzel . We have no idea where to go . Walked up and down and finally Melvin sent me back to Qb and i went home . Though the movie suck , i can't deny it but still we had lots of fun together . Can't wait for next Wednesday . Tron Legacy . Double dates bebeh . Tomorrow will be going for Narnia at night with Mama .

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I got over YOU !

scream out loud baby
it's over for REAL !
To be honest after 5pm , 16th of december 2010 , i feel so relief . Not just me , but all the STPM students especially the literature students ,( cause we're the last one to finish exam ) we went crazy in the exam hall . All i heard was one word " MERDEKA " followed by screams . Well , that's what girls are good at , screams . Screamo makes you release all your tensions and pressures from your head till your toe . Apa menda aku cakap ney ? HAHA . Lantak ah , i'm just happy . Too happy . Had a super dinner with Kiey . Tomorrow going Qb with loved ones and i need to do trading . Desperate for trading . I can't wait for birthday and christmas . Although i don't celebrate christmas but i feel enjoy on that day simply because it's my birthday and i tend to get lots of presents . Lucky me kan ? Lol . Birthday and christmas together , double pressie ;) and i can't wait for new year celebration as well . Hotel stay at G , dinner and some other stuffs as well . Damn . I feel so alive . HAHA . Cakap seperti tak penah keluar rumah and lepak all this while . Anyway , i don't feel like sleeping tonight though . I wanna get wasted and watch vampire diaries season 2 . I miss you baby Stefan Salvatore .

Goodnight people . Toodles ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Find me here ;)



Friday, December 10, 2010

Can't wait to get over you so 16th decmber please come faster ;)

It's Friday and i still have 3 days to study literature . Well , YES , i admit i am lazy . Very lazy . I've been eating and sleeping for the past 4 days . Awesome . Hanni Ahmad you've screwed yourself . GAH . Told ya , i hate long break . Had a super great time with Mawar today . Went out for lunch at Paparich ah e - gate , then we went Tesco cause i need to get some stuffs and finally went Gelugor because Mawar needs to snap picture for her new driving license . No more P sticker . Kira kau habis Pro ah ney ? LOL . Bumped into Aznil Majid at Gelugor . Ingat dah lupa i bhai . HAHA . Went Starbucks for tea time with Kiey . I still want to drive out your car . Sumpah kedekut tanak bagi . I'mma good driver ok ? I drive like a human ;) Had an awesome dinner at Subway last night too with Kiey . He gave me heart cupcake . Thank you . Baiknya hang ! I need to get back to books . Exam haven't finish and i've been going out like there's no more exam . Hong Soon , i bloody ENVY you ok ? This is not fair , you finish too early then the rest of us . Enjoying life too much and get wasted every single night . Count me in once i'm done . Can't wait for Christmas . I need a blast birthday celebration with my loved ones . Hoping Kak Nur and Daddy will be back for my birthday . I just can't wait to be OLD . Lame shit . Can't wait for 17th , i'm definitely will get broke on that day . Serene could you please stop shopping ? Cause you make me wanna shop as well . I need black & white dress from forever21 , high waist skirt , new top , sling bag from Carlo Rino or Charles & Keith . ( I keep on repeating the same thing over and over again ) NO , I'M NEVER DONE . I have so much things to do after 16th december . So 16th december , hear me carefully , I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OVER YOU . There'll be no more you and me . Never gonna see you again . YES ;)

Till then keep smiling . I just love the way i live my life now .