Wednesday, August 10, 2011


August 11th 2011 ;

Last night , after 12pm . It's already Thursday isn't it ? What about it huh ? Something happened . A good thing i shall say . Wait , it's kinda a bad thing too . Went Straits Quay at 12pm . All shops and restaurants are closed including the pubs . -_- What a boring place . C'mon night still young . * Hanni it's fasting month . BEHAVE . * Finally after so long i've waited , you told me the answer . ;) Stupid , i wish you'll tell that earlier and not now . But it's okay . I'm happy to know that . Well , we have the same feelings , it's just that , to me it's complicated now . VERY complicated : / . Thanks for making me smile . Thanks for the time spent . Never tell out my dirty little secrets out . Last night was unexpected .


August 10th 2011 ;

Last night atok almost got admitted into hospital because of his sickness . Family members was panic if anything happened to him . Alhamdulilah . Nothing happened . Everything is fine . I feel relief . Anyway , today , as always we make promises a lot . I'm gonna wake up early and then i'm gonna wake you up too . We need to go few colleges . Again , i couldn't wake up on time . Woke up at 9.30am . Called you twice . I'm surprised :D . Second call , you answered . I'm IMPRESSED yow . HAHA . You picked me up and yes i have to be your driver on the third day as well . Melampau . Excuse " I nak tido lah , mengantok . " Macam i tak kan ? Went to Disted College - NAHHH . Taylor's office - NAHHHH , bapak expensive okay ? Kalau daddy i tauke balak takpe babe . KDU - NAHHHHH . Last college was INTI - Seems to be interested . Should i or should i not ? Should i enrol on monday or should i wait ? I'm LOST & CONFUSED . I don't know . Sigh . Went to QB . Digi buat hal . Went back and i did was sleep . Effin tired okay .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

B - E - A - UTIFUL

Verse 1
She read me the note he left on her bed
Snuck in her room right after she left
And put petals on the ground
Her head on his shoulder they walk down the hall
I'm left to wonder will I ever fall in love
And where is he now

She's with him, I'm in the back seat
Know it's not right but it hurts when they're laughing
And I've never been where they are

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

Verse 2
Friday night she wore his jersey to the game
In the front row screamin out his name
As he turns to her and smiles
Every where I look people holding hands
When am I gonna get my chance at love
My chance at love

Prechorus 2
Cuz she's with him, I'm still hurting
Try to pretend but it's not working
I just wanna be where they are

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

My heart is waiting for your love
My hand is waiting for your touch
My lips just wanna be kissed by you

I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

Beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful

I was EMO when i hear this song . Thought you will leave . Grandpa is not well anymore . Very weak . I need you around ;(


August 9th 2011;

We're supposed to meet up at 9.45am , unfortunately i couldn't wake up , apatah lagi you . Was awake at 10am , been calling you 6 times = 6 missed calls . The 7th time i called , you picked up . You were mumbling . My nimrod mumbling in the morning . Adorable ? BLAH . HAHA . Told you i'm too sleepy and i can't open up my eyes . It's too heavy . You asked ; " You nak pergi Taylors office and KDU ke tidak ? but i don't have transport , you gotta pick me up . " -_- HELL NO . I was expecting you to pick me up , not the other way round of it . I replied " It's
okay , we go on thursday but this time you pick me up . Okay ? " We hung up and slept again . In the afternoon , was pretty bored at home , it's 1pm . Thinking on what to do ? Took the house phone and called you again . " Hey Nimrod , wake up . It's already 1pm . How long do you want to sleep ? " Again , you were mumbling . Yish . Sorry , waas just trying to disturbed you . I'm dying of boredom . -_- And you nak minta tolong bukan main sweet . " I need your help . " W - H - A - T - A - G - A - I - N ? Let me guess ? Send you to GH ? ;) I was smart . No , i am smart ;) second day being your driver . Picked you up and sent you there . But this time your dad saw me , so yeah since i'm such a polite girl , i smiled at him but he stared at me as if he wanna eat me up . Okay , your dad is so SCARY . I'm serious . Then went back , you picked me up from my house and i know your DIRTY LITTLE SECRET . Bad boy . So much of laughed we had today and we fought too . I'm sorry . I wasn't being myself . Mood swing all the sudden . I don't mean to ;( It wasn't your fault . Keep me accompany all time , will you ? Just don't leave . I don't ask for anything else . Thank you for the day and sorry too .

Monday, August 8, 2011


August 8th 2011;

I was awaken by my sister at 10.10am . Dang ! I'm sleepy and i was mumbling on the phone . Don't know what the hell i'm talking about too . Supposed to go post office around 11.30 or before 12 noon . Ohh forgotten supposed to wake you up too . Well , I DID ;( but you didn't answer my calls at all . I've been calling and calling and calling , been leaving messages but none was been replied . THANK YOU ! I was VERY HAPPY when you did that . Excuse ; I takleh bangun lah . I sleep very late last night . So much of saying " I'm gonna hold my phone when i sleep . " Yeahh right . Now , look what happened . I almost give up . No . I've gave up already . Thank god you called before i left the house . By right , you're supposed to pick me up but instead i picked you up . Not a problem , i don't mind anyway . Headed to post office and it was very crowded . No way i'm gonna line up . It'll take ages to pay the bill . Perhaps tomorrow ;) Went Digi center , changed line . I was the communicator for the day . Thanks to me :D Went to GH , sent you there to picked up your car . Thanks to me too but your dad was looking , and yes i was scared although he doesn't looked that scary . And the best part it was raining heavily and we laughed a lot too over stupid things i did . Thanks for the day . I shall see you tomorrow morning and make sure you wake up on time or else YOU'RE DEAD !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Right Here

August 7th 2011

The moment you left from my house , i started to blog again . Thanks for coming although it's just a short while and sorry for the interruption while we were talking , sister called , aunty called and followed by my mum who came out at the door and said " Hannisah , masuk , atok panggil . " -_- potong stim betul lah . Hope you like the vanilla ice cream i bought for you . See you tomorrow sweets ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Changed by you

July 5th 2011 ;

You're back in Malaysia , but not at your hometown . I was working when i saw a text message on my phone . In my heart was saying " which idiot texting at this hour pulak ? Orang nak kerja kot , dah lah banyak customer . " The text message came in without name , just number . I wondered who ? I replied to the unknown number and that fella replied back . I got a shocked , ohh it's you . Telling me that you're back in Malaysia but not hometown . You're just somewhere around the corner in Malaysia . I get myself busy again .

July 6th and 7th 2011;

Nothing much happened . We just texted and you called . You said i'm too serious . Am i ? I don't think so .

July 8th 2011;

I was working and again my phone vibrates . * annoying * I took out my phone , hide myself behind a wall so that my manager will not see me using my phone . A text from you saying " Hey candy. I'm coming closer to you. Can't you feel my soul? Haha. See you babe. " All i did was just smile . Okay , you're coming back . Not a biggie .

July 9th 2011;

I was doing swing shift . Planned to meet up during my break time . You were late because you couldn't wake up . Excuse ; i sleep late than you -_- I wasn't having my phone with me on that noon . Managers kept our phones in the office . When i took my phone during break time , i received a lot of missed calls and text messages . I know you were pissed because i didn't response to your calls and texts . Told you to meet somewhere . It was an coincidence we bumped into each other when i was walking with a friend of mine to mamak shop . I was shocked to see you again . It's been ages since the last i saw you , few years back i guess . HAHA . You bought me a bag and a shawl because i asked you too . Thank you ;) Had lunch and we headed back to mall . Chilling at Starbucks . Chocolate chip with java chips and whipped cream on top . Awesome taste isn't it ? You were asking me for movie at night after work , excuse ; i'm just too bored staying at home and do nothing . -_- I rejected the offer . But you picked me up at night and we went mamak shop for supper . You ate , as usual i just wait and few of your friends came , so called " discussion about business " . Midnight , i had to be your driver and drove myself home without switching on the lights until someone told us at the traffic light , " lampu kereta tak pasang " . I totally forgot about it . We were laughing . I was the " fun " subject for that night .

July 10th 2011;

I woke up early today . Very early . 7.30am . All because of you wanted to go for jogging and you're encouraging me to jog too because i kept on complaining that i'm fat fat fat . This is the time to reduce fats and i'm doing swing shift that day . I don't see much jog we did , more to morning walk at the park and having fun teasing and irritate each other . And i had to walked all the way from our jogging place to the mamak shop just because you wanted to eat nasi daging mamak for breakfast . You made me walked back to house too . Thank god you sent me to work and picked me up that night though you had futsal with your friends . You hold on to yor promised . As a returned , i gave you fried mac & cheese and fried mozarella . You texted saying ; thanks for the food . Yeah , you're most welcomed !

July 11th 2011;

Again , i was out with you in the morning , followed you to buy some stuffs before you left to somewhere in the evening . And again before you left , you came to see me during my break time and the best part i annoyed you by asking me out to MTV concert and you did :D . Biggest achievement ever . Wooohoo . Ego is down . In the same time , i've make you feel bad about leaving your hometown over something which not worth it to go for . Might as well spend more time in here while i'm still around too . Hey , i'm not trying to say spend more time with me . What i'm trying to say is spend more time with your loved ones as in your friends and family . 3 months is not that long . You left in the evening after we had lunch and you texted me ; You missed your bus ;( Bullshit . Think i'm gonna believe it ? I know life better than you . Ceeehhh . 5 days without you around .

July 14th 2011;

It's my last day of working . My farewell party . It was awesome . Seriously . Can't believe workmates sang farewell song to me during busy period of working time . I felt touched and appreciated too . Thanks guys . I will never forget that moment . You guys gave me the best memories for me to cherished after i resigned . Oh , you texted saying " i have good news " . I was like W - H - A - T ? You said " i'm on my way back home . :D " I was happy to hear that . So yeahh , see you .

July 15th 2011;

I'm jobless . At home , doing nothing . Went to hypermarket to get something for myself , as usual you tagged along . Bodyguard of the day . Then you left for games with friends across the bridge . Called my mum that night , asked for permission to bring me out for movie . Alolo sweetnyer . BLAH . Went for My Popper's Penguin . It was cute a movie and of course funny . I called you Nimrod . HAHA . Clumsy fella . Just like you . I had fun that night . Thank you .

July 16th 2011;

It's mama's birthday and arwah tokmi's tahlil . Was busy at home preparing for kenduri . Helping out in the kitchen . Sonia was around too . Came back from Scotland . :D . My mum invited you for kenduri at night but you were so lansi , " sorry couldn't make it aunty , ada hal . " Alasan berjuta . But you bought my mum birthday cakes . Thank you again . It was good , i tasted it .

July 17th 2011 ;

I was having a bad flu . Non stop flu . Argh . So annoying . And i was having a jiwa kacau mood . Heart broken failure . So needed someone to talk to . Around 9.30 you came , but before that you called " hero you dah sampai ." Bodoh . You bought me a chocolate ice cream , you just know what makes me happy . Chocolate and vanilla ;) and and and not forgetting you bought me Vitamin C because i'm having flu . You said i'm lacked of vitamin C . That was adorable . We talked and updated each other with our dirty little secrets . Now i know your dirty little secrets . HAHA . We saw bright moon that night too . Thanks for the night and talks . Appreciate it .

July 18th 2011

We left to the same destination , place and in a same bus too . You annoyed me to the max . You don't even allowed me to sleep . You took my mp3 away too . GGGGGGRRRRR . But it was a good journey but an annoying one i shall say . Still i had fun . Thanks for the annoying and irritating part . Soon , when my turns come , you DIE !

July 19th 2011;

No news . I was busy with sister and you with your thangs . That's it . Just texts .

July 20th 2011;

We met at night . Dinner at Paparich . I wanted to go Apartment ;( but you wanted to eat there . YISH . Fine . Then we chill out at Laundry . The most shit night has ever happened to me . I will never forget things i did on that night with you and a friend of ours . I was fooling myself . Thank god it's the both you of but still memalukan okay . SHIT ! I promise that will be the first and the last . Not going to happen anymore . Thanks to you both for taking care of me though i crap non stop in the car . Well , shit happened isn't it ?

July 21st till July 23rd 2011;

No news . No meeting up . Just texts .

July 24th 2011;

Met you at Sentral . We're on our way to MTV concert . Woohoo . Fun fun fun . I had a blast night ever . It was awesome . Thank you for the ticket . 30 seconds to mars and Neon Trees was super real awesome . The Kill . My favourite song . " Come bring me down , bury me bury me i am finished with you ." I lost my voice for that night because of screaming when i saw JARED LETO . Dayuummm . He's Hot . No kidding man . Blue eyes . Yummy . Irresistable . My first time went concert and you said i was jakun . GAH . Macam you tak kan ? You don't know how to enjoy it , that's the thing . And things we did , eeeerrrrkkk , sweets . BLAH ! The funniest part , we had to merempit just to sent me back from all the way from I City to where i belong . HAHA . Funny shit . New experienced . Not bad . Thanks for the MTV concert again .

July 25th 2011;

You went back to hometown while i'm still there . You called when you were at the airport and when you reached too . Thanks ;)

July 26th till July 28th;

No news . No meeting up . Just texts .

July 29th 2011;

I'm BACKKK ! Been calling you when i reached airport and you were still sleeping . Nimrod . HAHA . I don't know what the hell you were mumbling about . All i know its craps . And that night , Mansion 69 , the night i will not forget , will never forget . It was beautiful . Thank you . Remember the phrase " "I want to start my day with you and end my day with you ." & "You're the most beautiful thing has ever happened to me . " It was lovely . I will cherished it with me .

July 30th 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts .

August 1st 2011;

First day of fasting month . Everything went well but you were clumsy on your first day . Nimrod . HAHA . A lot of things to be repair huh ? Good luck .

August 2nd 2011 ;

After sent my cousin to the bus station , went to your stall for awhile just to looked at how it is . Doesn't seem to be interesting . Doesn't attracted my eyes , so i didn't get any of it . Sorry . And that night , another laughter you created . Picked me up for terawih prayer at mosque and how shit could you said to me before i went it " Hopefully you don't get burn when you enter later ." sampai hati you . Yish . I will never forget what you wore that night . HAHHAAHHA . Sumpah macam atok i . Thank you .

August 3rd 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts .

August 4th 2011;

Picked you up after Maghrib prayer , you were busy complaining in the car . Yish . Went to McD . We both craving for the same thing . Nuggets . Yummy . Wanted to lepak my favourite place but you refused . In the end what happened ? Hampeh kan plan you . Thanks for the laughed .

August 5th 2011;

Was out with mama for break fast at Fridays . You were at home . No meeting up . Just texts .

August 6th 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts . And you're being EMO .

August 7th 2011;

No news . Just texts . But this time it's different . We met through window . 2.20am , it's weird but it was beautiful . Thank you ;)