Saturday, August 6, 2011

Changed by you

July 5th 2011 ;

You're back in Malaysia , but not at your hometown . I was working when i saw a text message on my phone . In my heart was saying " which idiot texting at this hour pulak ? Orang nak kerja kot , dah lah banyak customer . " The text message came in without name , just number . I wondered who ? I replied to the unknown number and that fella replied back . I got a shocked , ohh it's you . Telling me that you're back in Malaysia but not hometown . You're just somewhere around the corner in Malaysia . I get myself busy again .

July 6th and 7th 2011;

Nothing much happened . We just texted and you called . You said i'm too serious . Am i ? I don't think so .

July 8th 2011;

I was working and again my phone vibrates . * annoying * I took out my phone , hide myself behind a wall so that my manager will not see me using my phone . A text from you saying " Hey candy. I'm coming closer to you. Can't you feel my soul? Haha. See you babe. " All i did was just smile . Okay , you're coming back . Not a biggie .

July 9th 2011;

I was doing swing shift . Planned to meet up during my break time . You were late because you couldn't wake up . Excuse ; i sleep late than you -_- I wasn't having my phone with me on that noon . Managers kept our phones in the office . When i took my phone during break time , i received a lot of missed calls and text messages . I know you were pissed because i didn't response to your calls and texts . Told you to meet somewhere . It was an coincidence we bumped into each other when i was walking with a friend of mine to mamak shop . I was shocked to see you again . It's been ages since the last i saw you , few years back i guess . HAHA . You bought me a bag and a shawl because i asked you too . Thank you ;) Had lunch and we headed back to mall . Chilling at Starbucks . Chocolate chip with java chips and whipped cream on top . Awesome taste isn't it ? You were asking me for movie at night after work , excuse ; i'm just too bored staying at home and do nothing . -_- I rejected the offer . But you picked me up at night and we went mamak shop for supper . You ate , as usual i just wait and few of your friends came , so called " discussion about business " . Midnight , i had to be your driver and drove myself home without switching on the lights until someone told us at the traffic light , " lampu kereta tak pasang " . I totally forgot about it . We were laughing . I was the " fun " subject for that night .

July 10th 2011;

I woke up early today . Very early . 7.30am . All because of you wanted to go for jogging and you're encouraging me to jog too because i kept on complaining that i'm fat fat fat . This is the time to reduce fats and i'm doing swing shift that day . I don't see much jog we did , more to morning walk at the park and having fun teasing and irritate each other . And i had to walked all the way from our jogging place to the mamak shop just because you wanted to eat nasi daging mamak for breakfast . You made me walked back to house too . Thank god you sent me to work and picked me up that night though you had futsal with your friends . You hold on to yor promised . As a returned , i gave you fried mac & cheese and fried mozarella . You texted saying ; thanks for the food . Yeah , you're most welcomed !

July 11th 2011;

Again , i was out with you in the morning , followed you to buy some stuffs before you left to somewhere in the evening . And again before you left , you came to see me during my break time and the best part i annoyed you by asking me out to MTV concert and you did :D . Biggest achievement ever . Wooohoo . Ego is down . In the same time , i've make you feel bad about leaving your hometown over something which not worth it to go for . Might as well spend more time in here while i'm still around too . Hey , i'm not trying to say spend more time with me . What i'm trying to say is spend more time with your loved ones as in your friends and family . 3 months is not that long . You left in the evening after we had lunch and you texted me ; You missed your bus ;( Bullshit . Think i'm gonna believe it ? I know life better than you . Ceeehhh . 5 days without you around .

July 14th 2011;

It's my last day of working . My farewell party . It was awesome . Seriously . Can't believe workmates sang farewell song to me during busy period of working time . I felt touched and appreciated too . Thanks guys . I will never forget that moment . You guys gave me the best memories for me to cherished after i resigned . Oh , you texted saying " i have good news " . I was like W - H - A - T ? You said " i'm on my way back home . :D " I was happy to hear that . So yeahh , see you .

July 15th 2011;

I'm jobless . At home , doing nothing . Went to hypermarket to get something for myself , as usual you tagged along . Bodyguard of the day . Then you left for games with friends across the bridge . Called my mum that night , asked for permission to bring me out for movie . Alolo sweetnyer . BLAH . Went for My Popper's Penguin . It was cute a movie and of course funny . I called you Nimrod . HAHA . Clumsy fella . Just like you . I had fun that night . Thank you .

July 16th 2011;

It's mama's birthday and arwah tokmi's tahlil . Was busy at home preparing for kenduri . Helping out in the kitchen . Sonia was around too . Came back from Scotland . :D . My mum invited you for kenduri at night but you were so lansi , " sorry couldn't make it aunty , ada hal . " Alasan berjuta . But you bought my mum birthday cakes . Thank you again . It was good , i tasted it .

July 17th 2011 ;

I was having a bad flu . Non stop flu . Argh . So annoying . And i was having a jiwa kacau mood . Heart broken failure . So needed someone to talk to . Around 9.30 you came , but before that you called " hero you dah sampai ." Bodoh . You bought me a chocolate ice cream , you just know what makes me happy . Chocolate and vanilla ;) and and and not forgetting you bought me Vitamin C because i'm having flu . You said i'm lacked of vitamin C . That was adorable . We talked and updated each other with our dirty little secrets . Now i know your dirty little secrets . HAHA . We saw bright moon that night too . Thanks for the night and talks . Appreciate it .

July 18th 2011

We left to the same destination , place and in a same bus too . You annoyed me to the max . You don't even allowed me to sleep . You took my mp3 away too . GGGGGGRRRRR . But it was a good journey but an annoying one i shall say . Still i had fun . Thanks for the annoying and irritating part . Soon , when my turns come , you DIE !

July 19th 2011;

No news . I was busy with sister and you with your thangs . That's it . Just texts .

July 20th 2011;

We met at night . Dinner at Paparich . I wanted to go Apartment ;( but you wanted to eat there . YISH . Fine . Then we chill out at Laundry . The most shit night has ever happened to me . I will never forget things i did on that night with you and a friend of ours . I was fooling myself . Thank god it's the both you of but still memalukan okay . SHIT ! I promise that will be the first and the last . Not going to happen anymore . Thanks to you both for taking care of me though i crap non stop in the car . Well , shit happened isn't it ?

July 21st till July 23rd 2011;

No news . No meeting up . Just texts .

July 24th 2011;

Met you at Sentral . We're on our way to MTV concert . Woohoo . Fun fun fun . I had a blast night ever . It was awesome . Thank you for the ticket . 30 seconds to mars and Neon Trees was super real awesome . The Kill . My favourite song . " Come bring me down , bury me bury me i am finished with you ." I lost my voice for that night because of screaming when i saw JARED LETO . Dayuummm . He's Hot . No kidding man . Blue eyes . Yummy . Irresistable . My first time went concert and you said i was jakun . GAH . Macam you tak kan ? You don't know how to enjoy it , that's the thing . And things we did , eeeerrrrkkk , sweets . BLAH ! The funniest part , we had to merempit just to sent me back from all the way from I City to where i belong . HAHA . Funny shit . New experienced . Not bad . Thanks for the MTV concert again .

July 25th 2011;

You went back to hometown while i'm still there . You called when you were at the airport and when you reached too . Thanks ;)

July 26th till July 28th;

No news . No meeting up . Just texts .

July 29th 2011;

I'm BACKKK ! Been calling you when i reached airport and you were still sleeping . Nimrod . HAHA . I don't know what the hell you were mumbling about . All i know its craps . And that night , Mansion 69 , the night i will not forget , will never forget . It was beautiful . Thank you . Remember the phrase " "I want to start my day with you and end my day with you ." & "You're the most beautiful thing has ever happened to me . " It was lovely . I will cherished it with me .

July 30th 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts .

August 1st 2011;

First day of fasting month . Everything went well but you were clumsy on your first day . Nimrod . HAHA . A lot of things to be repair huh ? Good luck .

August 2nd 2011 ;

After sent my cousin to the bus station , went to your stall for awhile just to looked at how it is . Doesn't seem to be interesting . Doesn't attracted my eyes , so i didn't get any of it . Sorry . And that night , another laughter you created . Picked me up for terawih prayer at mosque and how shit could you said to me before i went it " Hopefully you don't get burn when you enter later ." sampai hati you . Yish . I will never forget what you wore that night . HAHHAAHHA . Sumpah macam atok i . Thank you .

August 3rd 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts .

August 4th 2011;

Picked you up after Maghrib prayer , you were busy complaining in the car . Yish . Went to McD . We both craving for the same thing . Nuggets . Yummy . Wanted to lepak my favourite place but you refused . In the end what happened ? Hampeh kan plan you . Thanks for the laughed .

August 5th 2011;

Was out with mama for break fast at Fridays . You were at home . No meeting up . Just texts .

August 6th 2011;

No meeting up . Just texts . And you're being EMO .

August 7th 2011;

No news . Just texts . But this time it's different . We met through window . 2.20am , it's weird but it was beautiful . Thank you ;)

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