Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scream , Jump , Laugh out LOUD !

Exams over , Nightmares over , miserables over
for a moment !
It's time to sit back & relax !
This week is a happy week for me because ......
1st) Exams over - OH YEAY !
2nd) Movie time - Robin Hood , Letters to Juliet
3rd) My honeybabysweetheart cousin - Sonia coming back from Scotland and will be in Penang on friday with Umi :)
4th) Kak Nasyrah's engagement on Saturday . Will be busy with Mia and friends .
5th) It's a family day on Sunday . Hang outs and makan makan makan .
6th) Orientation games on Thursday . It's time to bully juniors . Watch out !
7th) Holidays around the corner . YES YES YES !
8th) Time to meet friends and gossips . Update each other about latest issues .
9th) Will be busy with the King And I thingy . LMAO !
10th) Getting a prom dress soon :)
To be continue . Keep smiling people :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm a Survivor !

I was listening to Destiny Child - I'm a survivor and it reminds me of the history of my life .

I remembered when i was 7 year old , my parent divorved . Life was meaningless . Tho i was still small at that time but i knew the feelings of not having a father and a sister by my side . Imagine , everytime when you wake up in the morning , you'll see your mom is busy preparing breakfast for the whole family . And when the breakfast are ready , all of you will seat at the dining room and enjoyed the nutritious and delicious breakfast cooked by the woman in the family . You shared the laughter , those teases and jokes together .

But things had changed when i was 9 year old . Everytime when i woke up in the morning , i'll see different and new faces . I was shocked and i was wondering where was i at that time ? I thought i'm lost but i wasn't . I was at Tokmi and Atok's house . I'm in Penang . I started to missed daddy and kak nur . All i ever remembered that i told Mama was , i want to go back to KL and be with daddy and kak nur . What mama did was smiled at me and said " sabar sayang " .

I went to a primary school . SK Jelutong Barat . HAHA . I had no one . No friends . New faces again and i don't understand penang's accent when they spoke to me . I was blurred all the time . After quite sometime , i enjoyed my school life till i finished my high school in SMK Convent Green Lane . The best school ever , i shall say . After all , girls school wasn't that bad like what i thought before i entered it .

Apart from it , i've survived heartbreaks throughtout my whole teenage life . Now that i am 19 . Closes to adult world . I've learnt a lot about life . Thanks to Mama . I've learnt how to be mature , i've learnt how to apprecite friendship and loved one in life , i've learnt how to socialise in a good way , i've learnt how to cooked and baked well - thanks to Mum and Umi , i've learnt how to laugh and smile again , and finally i've learnt how to be a good child with full of respect and to be independent . I finally understand the true meaning of love . I'm blessed to be around my loved ones all the time . Thanks to my beloved mother - Mama . My most supportive girlfriends - my dearest women and my most crazysexycool friends . Nothing compare to all of you . You guys had coloured my life . Iloveyou .

For those who had bad - mouthing me through facebook last year , i hope you had changed . No one is perfect and so do you people . I've forgive but i will not forget what you did . It's fate that i was meant to be with him . I'm not a stealer and i don't steal him away from you . What shocked me the most , you and your girlfriends looked innocent but you girls such a pathetic drama queen . Shame on you !

Like Destiny Child say ; I'm a survivor , i won't give up , i'm a survivor , keep on survivor . I am what i am today !

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's HELL on Wed till the following Wed !


I just dyed my hair black again . Gosh . It's so pathetic to dye it again after so many months . It's my last year ! Nevermind . Going for facial treatment later . Oh YEAY ! ;) I miss everyone :( And i just realised i miss someone . I miss the laughter we had , our stupid jokes , our outing , our poses . HAHAHHAAHA . I miss you , DAVID Iban :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !

To my most georgerous , precious lady ;

Mrs . Sharifah Latiffah Syed Abdul Aziz AlQadry ,

Wishing you a beautiful Happy Mother's Day !

Hope you like my gift and the card that i've made specially for you .

Thanks for the new shoes you've bought for me ;)

No other women can replace you , you're the best thing that happened in my life .


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girlfriends , girlfriends , girlfriends . Nothing beats them !

I would say i had such an awesome day with my little girlfriends at QueensBay mall . Thanks to my dear best friend , Mia and not forgetting Marissa , Fatin and also Yen . Thanks for the treat Yen ! Lain kali belanja kami lagi eh . Well , our agenda for today is just to hang around QueensBay and search for Mama's present . Finally , i've found it ! And guess what ? I'm broke now ! ;( but it's okay . It's for Mama anyway .

We had fun in Forever21 fitting room as well . Where else and what else to do other than camwhoring . HAHA . We tried new outfits and omi gosh , I am so in love with MNG light blur handbang + VINCCI light blue heels . * faints * Can't wait for MNG to start their sales and i'm gonna get that handbag . Aiming for it ! Bumped into Charmine and Zoe at Forever21 and Sonia at Queens foodcourt . :0

And and and the best part of the day is , geng geng geng ! * Drum rolls * myself and Mia got 'stuck ' at air itam area and Mia is so scared , orang melayu cakap cuak macam nak mati , and car petrol almost empty , waktu kegentingan pulak tue . With bravery , Mia managed to get through the incident . Congrats ! Nasib je jantung aku tak terkeluar doe . Thriller gile ah . You rock Mia ;) .

That's all for today . To be continue tomorrow .
It's Mother's Day ! Can't wait ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I don't know exactly what am I feeling ?

Why does it hurt so much to miss someone that you really love tho you know that person doesn't even bother about you at all ? It's like you doesn't exist in the person's world at all and yet you still wish the person will be there , next to you when you need the person the most ? Do i sound pathetic ? Could't describe the emotion i'm feeling right now .

Finally i learnt , the person that you love the most is the one that hurt you best !