Sunday, June 26, 2011

As I Lay Dying

Damon Salvatore ; All those years i blamed Stefan . No one forced me to love her . It was my own choice . I made the wrong choice . Tell Stefan i'm sorry , okay ? This is even more pitiful than i thought .

Elena Gilbert ; There's still hope .

Damon Salvatore ; I've made a lot of choices that have gotten me here . I deserve this . I deserve to die .

Elena Gilbert ; No , you don't .

Damon Salvatore; I do , Elena . But it's okay . Because if i had chosen differently , i wouldn't have met you . I'm so sorry . I've done so many things to hurt you .

Elena Gilbert ; It's okay . I've forgive you .

Damon Salvatore ; I know you love Stefan . And that it will always be Stefan . But i love you , you should know that .

Elena Gilbert kissed Damon Salvatore and Damon said " Thank you "

Katherina Petrova ; It's okay to love them both . I did .

- Vampire Diaries season 2 -

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey bloggie . It's been a while since i last update about myself and the people around me . Well , i'm good so do my loved ones . Still working at TGI but it's gonna be my last month . Time flies very fast , without realizing it , it's almost 7 months i'm working . I'm gonna miss everything in there . The people , though they might be such an asshole sometimes but they're fun to be with . I've learnt a lot . I never regret working there . Started as a greeter then as a waitress and a day as a bartenderess . I'll definitely miss every single moment i had with my friends and managers as well . I feel sad to leave but in the same time i feel happy and relief . Perhaps it's because i don't have to wake up early and come back late at night anymore . No more sweeping the floor , mopping the floor , pre-bussing the plates , wipe tables , making desserts and of course greet the guests . I'm gonna get back my old life . Waking up late everyday , online , eat and sleep . That's what i do best . The same old routine again . But it's just gonna be few weeks and i believe after that class gonna start , i'm gonna be a college student . No more uniforms and rules . Awesome . Seriously , i can't wait and i am excited . YEAY ! That's all for now i guess . I have no idea what to update you readers anymore . But recently , i'm crazy over Olly Mur's songs . I find it cute , i meant the lyrics especially heart of my sleeve . Seems to be so meaningful to me .