Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forget Past and Love the Present .

Have you ever love somebody so much it makes you cry ? Have you ever needed something so bad you can't sleep at night ? Have you ever try to find the word but they don't come out right ? Have you ever ? Have you ever been in love so bad ? You'd do anything to make him understand . Have you ever found someone stay far away ? You'd do anything to make him feel the same . Have you ever search for word to get him in your arm , but you don't know what to say and you don't know where to start ?

I was in love with a guy . I never knew i would like him when we met for the first time . People said , you will know if you would fall for the person after 30 seconds of meeting . It's like a love at the first sight . Well , he wasn't my first and i thought he would be my last , indeed i was wrong . Love came without you inviting it in your life . We fell for each other . Love is so great . I felt like the world was mine . Everything seems to be so beautiful . Life was so wonderful . There's nothing else i could ask for more . I had a perfect life with those laughter , happiness and love . What else do i need ? NOTHING ! All that matters to me at that moment was him . Unfortunately , you can't change the fate in your life . The love we had for each other didn't lasts . I guess we weren't meant to be , and so he left . The pain was unbearable . My heart was broken into pieces . I've started questioning myself , why things turn out to be in this way ? What i've done to deserve this ? Friends said , just sleep , wake up the next day and get over it . It's easy to say but it ain't easy to do it . Though things between us already over , but my heart never changed . I am thankful for having him once in my life . He showed me love , he gave me love and he took it away from me . If only i could unwind time , i wish i could make him mine again .

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stuck in the middle with you .

I'm just sitting here , tryna , forget about those years and i , i can't take the thought of her alone with you . It's been a year or so and you moved on and left me cold and i wish that i could let you know i still got a thang for you . But you got another woman , she says she loves you too . Baby boy i understand this must be hard on you and it gets so hard sometimes to know just what to do , stuck in the middle of you . You and i , seen it all sunny days through the storms still i know she could never love you like me , boy i know she and you going new she messed it up with it all , No she can never love you like me . Can we go back again as lovers not as friends cause i know she can never love you like me . Boy i've been there before , time to close that open door , i know she can never love you like me . I was the one you came running to when the tears would fall from what she do . Who knew that friends would become lovers , going crazy giving my all but getting half of you . I'm not half the woman so tell me what to do ( ? ) Never gonna let you go cause you know our love is true . But you got another woman but she's not good for you . Baby boy i understand but this ain't all on you and it gets so hard sometimes to know just what to do , stuck in the middle with you . I know that you will never find another love like me and you can look won't find another woman like me and even though you might have separated from me , gotta make a choice can't wait forever because she can never love you like i did .