Thursday, April 29, 2010

It hurts but yesterday was a Fairytale !

I remember the first time i met you , i felt so annoyed with your attitude . People said i looked like her , and so you did said the same thing . At first you thought i was her , but i wasn't . I never want to see you but a friend of mine told me that you're such a nice , funny and great person he ever met . You're sad over her absent , away from your life . Friends want to see you laugh , smile and be yourself again because after she left all of us , you ain't yourself anymore . Things changed , so do you . Time flies very fast , until i didn't realise that i think i've fell for you . We've been seeing each other everyday , texted , calls , jokes and those laughter we had , those time we spent , makes my feelings grew stronger . I never wanna be her or take over her place in your heart because i know she is irreplaceable . Nothing beats her . She's the best for you . Things started to changed when you sent me a text message on one evening , you told me you missed her and you wanna be with her . Your life is so meaningless without her around . I was shocked and i cried . I don't want you to be far away from me , i want you here , right here with me . Without realising , i've already fell in love with you . I felt great when you told me you had the same feeling towards me too . I know i was ' lucky ' and i felt so unlucky when you left me . I couldn't accept the fact . I couldn't take it . It hurts me so much . You told me that you don't wanna turn back and you love me because i looked like her . My heart wrenched , tears falling down my cheeks . I was mourning for a month , to get over you . I've dated other guys , i forced myself to hate you . The only reason i did all these things just to forget you . I thought it could work , but it doesn't . Everytime when you texts or calls , my heart beat fast and i knew i still miss you . Those days will only remained as memories . I don't wanna feel the pain again , but i'm glad that i've known you and had you once in my life . Thank you for all the memories .

Monday, April 26, 2010

I need some Refeshment , please ?

Nothing much to update this time , but still i wanna write something which is ;

I need to go to Spa , Massage & Facial Treatment .

My face is like so ugly with that oily sticky creatures . Tho i try to make it ' invisible ' , unfortunately it doesn't not work on me . I feel so uncomfortable with it . DANG ! Get the hell out of my face . Sheessh . I don't like you , GET IT ?

ps; imissmyWOMEN!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fame Up !

Most of us enjoyed it and yes we had a blast night on Saturday night . You guys rock Georgians :)
Keep it up . That's the girls' power .
Ms. Luvenia , you're such a great dancer .
I'm farking HATE you PIMPLES !

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Night , in Rome !

Last night , Mama and i went to Qb for a movie . Actually , we're undecided to watch what movie because Mama wants to watch either Date Night or Shutter Island while myself wants to watch When In Rome . I've been waiting for that movie to be out for so long . I am also a big fan of Josh Duhamel . We went for night movie . I'm not gonna tell you what is the story is all about . You guys have to watch it by yourself . I bet you people will love it especially people who love , love story movie . It's funny , sexy and romantic . Ohhh , i like Kristen Bell's wedding dress in the movie and Josh Duhamel , baby you're hot hot hot . Rome is a very beautiful place to visit for holidays and of course honeymoon as well . Oh , i wish to go there for honeymoon or Spain , Greece , Paris , Milan , Florence , Venice , any of the European countries . It'd be fun and exciting and yes romantico too . Around 11.30pm , after lepak - ing at Kayu , we went to picked up my aunt at the airport . She came from Kuching , Sarawak for holidays .

That's all about last night . Tonight will be going to USM for Fame Up . It's a SGGS Production . I'm sure it'll be good . I don't find anything wrong of supporting them . We're not enemies like what people said , CGL can never get along with SGGS ! Well , let me tell you people . That's bullshit okay . I have friends and best friends from that school . So if you're saying that we can't get along , we won't be best friends . Enemies does not exist in us . It's the person who create it . When you start to hate someone over stupid reason for example , boyfriend case , grown up i'm telling you . It is not like you gonna be with that guy forever for God's sake . What do you get by bad - mouthing about others ? You feel famous ? Take a mirror and look at yourself . Ain't perfect right ? So shut the hell up ! You get nothing over fighting ladies . Fight for ' him ' if he is really worth it , if he's not then just forget it. There are lot more out there . Search for the best .

Till then ;) Have a beautiful day !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sports Day !

It was last Saturday , school had sports day ! And guess what ? Other school usually had sports day in the morning but this school is a little bit different . They had it in the afternoon . Because of that most of us got tanned , real dark . ARRRRRGGGHHH . I had to go to school in the morning though the real sports day will only start in the afternoon . Woke up early , had breakfast at McD with Anas , then went to school to decorate our sports house tents . We gotta use whatever creativity and be the most inovative person for that day . We had fun anyway . After those blah blah blah habis , it's already 2pm . So yeah , the starting of the sports day . Started with the band performance followed by all the march past members from every sports houses . The ladies looked very beautiful and the mascots looked funny but yet smart too . Mama came to support me but she went back early cause she couldn't stand the weather . To be honest , it's really really hot and it's killing our skins , for God's sake . I had to run for 4x100m for the girls event .

This picture was taken by a photographer which i don't even know that he was exist in that school . Thanks dude .
After the running event finished , some of us got medals and some not but it's okay cause we take it as a game . There will always be a winner and a loser . We don't take it seriously . Did i get any medal ? HAHAHAA . You guess ! I had fun on that day with friends . We snap quite lot of pictures and i uploded it in my facebook . And ohh , i met Adam , Kak Nur , Abg Fazli and Bibik that night as well . Iloveallofyou .

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello World !

Hello people ! Looks like i had created a new blog AGAIN ! Well , the old blog full of shits and those crappie nonsense stories . Yeahh , so find me here !