Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sports Day !

It was last Saturday , school had sports day ! And guess what ? Other school usually had sports day in the morning but this school is a little bit different . They had it in the afternoon . Because of that most of us got tanned , real dark . ARRRRRGGGHHH . I had to go to school in the morning though the real sports day will only start in the afternoon . Woke up early , had breakfast at McD with Anas , then went to school to decorate our sports house tents . We gotta use whatever creativity and be the most inovative person for that day . We had fun anyway . After those blah blah blah habis , it's already 2pm . So yeah , the starting of the sports day . Started with the band performance followed by all the march past members from every sports houses . The ladies looked very beautiful and the mascots looked funny but yet smart too . Mama came to support me but she went back early cause she couldn't stand the weather . To be honest , it's really really hot and it's killing our skins , for God's sake . I had to run for 4x100m for the girls event .

This picture was taken by a photographer which i don't even know that he was exist in that school . Thanks dude .
After the running event finished , some of us got medals and some not but it's okay cause we take it as a game . There will always be a winner and a loser . We don't take it seriously . Did i get any medal ? HAHAHAA . You guess ! I had fun on that day with friends . We snap quite lot of pictures and i uploded it in my facebook . And ohh , i met Adam , Kak Nur , Abg Fazli and Bibik that night as well . Iloveallofyou .

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