Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Coming Home

I'm back in PENANG ! Hell shit . 3 days off and was in KL with sister , Adam and Naim ;) Didn't shop that much . Bought few stuffs . Kak Nur's car brokedown and we only went to Mid Valley . Thank god it's near to my sister's house . First day arrived , Naim picked me up from Aeroline station which is near Sunway Lagoon . Had lunch at Nandos OU , met Vivien too . I miss you already . Watched movie The Roommate . It was stupid , like seriously . It was more like a lesbian movie tho . HAHA . Naim met Kak Nur and that's all for the first day . Second day was out with Kak Nur to Mid Valley and Gardens . Watched movie again , The Red Riding Hood . It was ok . Better than The Roommate . HAHA . Sorry Naim , i thought it was nice movie to watch but i was wrong . Bought shoes at Vincci . They were having crazy sales . OMG . Bought some dress , belts and what more ? Can't remember . Naim was broke so we didn't go out that night . Was at home while sister is out with her friend . Pity me huh . It's alright . Third day , the worst day ever . MAMA I DON'T WANNA GO BACK . I don't wanna work . I had fun holidays in here . ;( Met Adam , went Sunway Pyramid with Kak Nur and Kak Sakinah's family . Had lunch . Super fulled . Then left at 3 plus to KTM . Naim came ;) Thanks for coming . It was raining heavily and he got wet in the rain . Sorry brother . We said goodbye and the journey continued till i reached Penang .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need a break , like seriously .

Ohhh god , i'm home . Done with work . Fuhh . Feel so relief . I'm tired but hey , i still online and blogging . I miss doing all this . Haven't online for ages because of my internet . Having some problem with it . Anyways , i am going for vacation for 3 days . Yes , only 3 days and it's so near . It only takes 45 minutes of flying plane and 4 hours of driving . Make it short then , i am going down to KL . NOT FOR BIEBER'S CONCERT OKAY ? i don't like him but i do love his songs . Not the person . I miss Kak Nur and Adam a lot . Going down to see them and few friends . It's been a long time since we last hang out together . I can't wait to go shopping . Shop shop shop ;) That's what i do best .

I guess i should leave now . Doing morning shift tomorrow . I need enough rest and sleep .

ps; I hate you for not replying any of my text messages . Aaaaarrrggghhhh . I miss you idiot .

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Girl

We've been best friend for 11 years and i'm still counting . She means a lot to me . Real a lot . Without her i won't be strong enough like who am i today . She was my first friend when i came to penang . She talked to me , played with me , joked with me , listened to me and she even slept with me . We're like sisters . Today is her day , special day in her life . She's turning 19 . NO ! She is 19 already . Mia , remember no matter what happen , you have me with you all the time . We've gone through alot together , the ups and downs in our friendship . Each time we quarrel , it makes our friendship more stronger . I'm glad that i found you . Lastly ,


Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm BACK !

Heyyyyy , blogggggggggg i miss you serious shit ! Finally my internet can be use and i've found time for myself to do my own things . Feel so relief . Like seriously . ( Vivien's fave words ) girl , i miss you a lot . A lot of things happened lately but i can't tell much here . Most of it too private and confidential . Before that , i requested for off day today because kak nassy is getting married . :) congrats dear sister . I bet you must look very beautiful later . I can't wait for the wedding reception .

Recently too , i baked and cooked a lot . It's all because of him . I mean a friend of mine . A master chef in baking and cooking . I love him for making me fat all the time . Too much of prosperity in me . That's what Previn said . Lol . I'm still healthy okay little boy . Thanks sugar . Really appreciate that a lot . And do not forget what you've promised me in July . I'm waiting for that . Not forgetting about what you've promised me last night too .

I guess that's all for now . I need to get ready for my sister's wedding . Sister from another mother . ( Roben's words ) By the way , my twitter is dead already . :/