Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Coming Home

I'm back in PENANG ! Hell shit . 3 days off and was in KL with sister , Adam and Naim ;) Didn't shop that much . Bought few stuffs . Kak Nur's car brokedown and we only went to Mid Valley . Thank god it's near to my sister's house . First day arrived , Naim picked me up from Aeroline station which is near Sunway Lagoon . Had lunch at Nandos OU , met Vivien too . I miss you already . Watched movie The Roommate . It was stupid , like seriously . It was more like a lesbian movie tho . HAHA . Naim met Kak Nur and that's all for the first day . Second day was out with Kak Nur to Mid Valley and Gardens . Watched movie again , The Red Riding Hood . It was ok . Better than The Roommate . HAHA . Sorry Naim , i thought it was nice movie to watch but i was wrong . Bought shoes at Vincci . They were having crazy sales . OMG . Bought some dress , belts and what more ? Can't remember . Naim was broke so we didn't go out that night . Was at home while sister is out with her friend . Pity me huh . It's alright . Third day , the worst day ever . MAMA I DON'T WANNA GO BACK . I don't wanna work . I had fun holidays in here . ;( Met Adam , went Sunway Pyramid with Kak Nur and Kak Sakinah's family . Had lunch . Super fulled . Then left at 3 plus to KTM . Naim came ;) Thanks for coming . It was raining heavily and he got wet in the rain . Sorry brother . We said goodbye and the journey continued till i reached Penang .

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