Friday, May 13, 2011


It's May already . Yeay ! It means i have 1 and a half month to go and then i'm done . Totally DONE with working . Mother's day celebration was awesome . Took mama and mum to Tarbush . We had dinner together and the best part on mother's day is i got gifts too from mama . Heh . Two rings from Habib Jewel . Thanks mama . You know i love you .

And i got new kitten too :D . Still thinking what should i name it ? Couldn't figure out what's it gender too . New born kitten , mum said don't touch it or else the mother will take it kittens away . I didn't know cats have supersitious as well . Thought it was only humans .

I'm still thinking where should i go for studies as well . College or local U ? July cominggg and i haven't decided yet . Worst part everyone said i'm FAT ! Well , i put on weight a lot ever since i worked . Too much of prosperity and i don't love it . I need to slim down my tummy . I need it to be flat . I'm trying hard to EXERCISE .

Well , i love the way i live my life now . Although i'm single but i don't feel lonely knowing that my family and friends are around and yes i'm always ready to mingle . Till then , keep smiling ;)

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