Saturday, May 14, 2011

Depress Confession

Okay , i'm here to make a confession about myself . Hell no , i'm not AN ATTENTION SEEKER or A DRAMATIC CHILD . Nothing important for people to know about it , but it's important to me cause i've been hearing the same sentence everyday in Fridays and it makes me sick . My ears bleeding . Unfortunately , i can't live with the F I policy ( fcuk it policy ) . Well , the confession that i would like to make in here is i'm FAT ! Put it in a nice way , i've put on weight ever since i worked with Fridays . I have triplets layers tummy whenever i sit down , my jeans are tight and i don't have shapes anymore . My prosperity been bulging out here and there . I admit i've been eating a lot recently . You know working with f&b line , you'll tend to eat supper as if you're having your dinner and then when you're tired you just go to sleep right after you had your supper and cleaned yourself . The next day you wake up very late and you don't have the time to exercise knowing the fact that you don't have a life . That is what i'm facing right now . I need to find solution for my problem and i need to get rid of these irritating fats . I'm double my size than before . I'm HUGE now ! No , it ain't a good thing and yes it's a big deal to me .

Gym doesn't work on me perhaps dancing class ?

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