Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need a break , like seriously .

Ohhh god , i'm home . Done with work . Fuhh . Feel so relief . I'm tired but hey , i still online and blogging . I miss doing all this . Haven't online for ages because of my internet . Having some problem with it . Anyways , i am going for vacation for 3 days . Yes , only 3 days and it's so near . It only takes 45 minutes of flying plane and 4 hours of driving . Make it short then , i am going down to KL . NOT FOR BIEBER'S CONCERT OKAY ? i don't like him but i do love his songs . Not the person . I miss Kak Nur and Adam a lot . Going down to see them and few friends . It's been a long time since we last hang out together . I can't wait to go shopping . Shop shop shop ;) That's what i do best .

I guess i should leave now . Doing morning shift tomorrow . I need enough rest and sleep .

ps; I hate you for not replying any of my text messages . Aaaaarrrggghhhh . I miss you idiot .

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