Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm BACK !

Heyyyyy , blogggggggggg i miss you serious shit ! Finally my internet can be use and i've found time for myself to do my own things . Feel so relief . Like seriously . ( Vivien's fave words ) girl , i miss you a lot . A lot of things happened lately but i can't tell much here . Most of it too private and confidential . Before that , i requested for off day today because kak nassy is getting married . :) congrats dear sister . I bet you must look very beautiful later . I can't wait for the wedding reception .

Recently too , i baked and cooked a lot . It's all because of him . I mean a friend of mine . A master chef in baking and cooking . I love him for making me fat all the time . Too much of prosperity in me . That's what Previn said . Lol . I'm still healthy okay little boy . Thanks sugar . Really appreciate that a lot . And do not forget what you've promised me in July . I'm waiting for that . Not forgetting about what you've promised me last night too .

I guess that's all for now . I need to get ready for my sister's wedding . Sister from another mother . ( Roben's words ) By the way , my twitter is dead already . :/

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