Thursday, April 29, 2010

It hurts but yesterday was a Fairytale !

I remember the first time i met you , i felt so annoyed with your attitude . People said i looked like her , and so you did said the same thing . At first you thought i was her , but i wasn't . I never want to see you but a friend of mine told me that you're such a nice , funny and great person he ever met . You're sad over her absent , away from your life . Friends want to see you laugh , smile and be yourself again because after she left all of us , you ain't yourself anymore . Things changed , so do you . Time flies very fast , until i didn't realise that i think i've fell for you . We've been seeing each other everyday , texted , calls , jokes and those laughter we had , those time we spent , makes my feelings grew stronger . I never wanna be her or take over her place in your heart because i know she is irreplaceable . Nothing beats her . She's the best for you . Things started to changed when you sent me a text message on one evening , you told me you missed her and you wanna be with her . Your life is so meaningless without her around . I was shocked and i cried . I don't want you to be far away from me , i want you here , right here with me . Without realising , i've already fell in love with you . I felt great when you told me you had the same feeling towards me too . I know i was ' lucky ' and i felt so unlucky when you left me . I couldn't accept the fact . I couldn't take it . It hurts me so much . You told me that you don't wanna turn back and you love me because i looked like her . My heart wrenched , tears falling down my cheeks . I was mourning for a month , to get over you . I've dated other guys , i forced myself to hate you . The only reason i did all these things just to forget you . I thought it could work , but it doesn't . Everytime when you texts or calls , my heart beat fast and i knew i still miss you . Those days will only remained as memories . I don't wanna feel the pain again , but i'm glad that i've known you and had you once in my life . Thank you for all the memories .

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