Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scream , Jump , Laugh out LOUD !

Exams over , Nightmares over , miserables over
for a moment !
It's time to sit back & relax !
This week is a happy week for me because ......
1st) Exams over - OH YEAY !
2nd) Movie time - Robin Hood , Letters to Juliet
3rd) My honeybabysweetheart cousin - Sonia coming back from Scotland and will be in Penang on friday with Umi :)
4th) Kak Nasyrah's engagement on Saturday . Will be busy with Mia and friends .
5th) It's a family day on Sunday . Hang outs and makan makan makan .
6th) Orientation games on Thursday . It's time to bully juniors . Watch out !
7th) Holidays around the corner . YES YES YES !
8th) Time to meet friends and gossips . Update each other about latest issues .
9th) Will be busy with the King And I thingy . LMAO !
10th) Getting a prom dress soon :)
To be continue . Keep smiling people :)

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