Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girlfriends , girlfriends , girlfriends . Nothing beats them !

I would say i had such an awesome day with my little girlfriends at QueensBay mall . Thanks to my dear best friend , Mia and not forgetting Marissa , Fatin and also Yen . Thanks for the treat Yen ! Lain kali belanja kami lagi eh . Well , our agenda for today is just to hang around QueensBay and search for Mama's present . Finally , i've found it ! And guess what ? I'm broke now ! ;( but it's okay . It's for Mama anyway .

We had fun in Forever21 fitting room as well . Where else and what else to do other than camwhoring . HAHA . We tried new outfits and omi gosh , I am so in love with MNG light blur handbang + VINCCI light blue heels . * faints * Can't wait for MNG to start their sales and i'm gonna get that handbag . Aiming for it ! Bumped into Charmine and Zoe at Forever21 and Sonia at Queens foodcourt . :0

And and and the best part of the day is , geng geng geng ! * Drum rolls * myself and Mia got 'stuck ' at air itam area and Mia is so scared , orang melayu cakap cuak macam nak mati , and car petrol almost empty , waktu kegentingan pulak tue . With bravery , Mia managed to get through the incident . Congrats ! Nasib je jantung aku tak terkeluar doe . Thriller gile ah . You rock Mia ;) .

That's all for today . To be continue tomorrow .
It's Mother's Day ! Can't wait ;)

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