Monday, August 8, 2011


August 8th 2011;

I was awaken by my sister at 10.10am . Dang ! I'm sleepy and i was mumbling on the phone . Don't know what the hell i'm talking about too . Supposed to go post office around 11.30 or before 12 noon . Ohh forgotten supposed to wake you up too . Well , I DID ;( but you didn't answer my calls at all . I've been calling and calling and calling , been leaving messages but none was been replied . THANK YOU ! I was VERY HAPPY when you did that . Excuse ; I takleh bangun lah . I sleep very late last night . So much of saying " I'm gonna hold my phone when i sleep . " Yeahh right . Now , look what happened . I almost give up . No . I've gave up already . Thank god you called before i left the house . By right , you're supposed to pick me up but instead i picked you up . Not a problem , i don't mind anyway . Headed to post office and it was very crowded . No way i'm gonna line up . It'll take ages to pay the bill . Perhaps tomorrow ;) Went Digi center , changed line . I was the communicator for the day . Thanks to me :D Went to GH , sent you there to picked up your car . Thanks to me too but your dad was looking , and yes i was scared although he doesn't looked that scary . And the best part it was raining heavily and we laughed a lot too over stupid things i did . Thanks for the day . I shall see you tomorrow morning and make sure you wake up on time or else YOU'RE DEAD !

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