Thursday, December 16, 2010

I got over YOU !

scream out loud baby
it's over for REAL !
To be honest after 5pm , 16th of december 2010 , i feel so relief . Not just me , but all the STPM students especially the literature students ,( cause we're the last one to finish exam ) we went crazy in the exam hall . All i heard was one word " MERDEKA " followed by screams . Well , that's what girls are good at , screams . Screamo makes you release all your tensions and pressures from your head till your toe . Apa menda aku cakap ney ? HAHA . Lantak ah , i'm just happy . Too happy . Had a super dinner with Kiey . Tomorrow going Qb with loved ones and i need to do trading . Desperate for trading . I can't wait for birthday and christmas . Although i don't celebrate christmas but i feel enjoy on that day simply because it's my birthday and i tend to get lots of presents . Lucky me kan ? Lol . Birthday and christmas together , double pressie ;) and i can't wait for new year celebration as well . Hotel stay at G , dinner and some other stuffs as well . Damn . I feel so alive . HAHA . Cakap seperti tak penah keluar rumah and lepak all this while . Anyway , i don't feel like sleeping tonight though . I wanna get wasted and watch vampire diaries season 2 . I miss you baby Stefan Salvatore .

Goodnight people . Toodles ;)

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