Friday, December 17, 2010

Super Awesome Lame outing ;)

Today , went out at 12.30pm to Qb . Met Serene and Melvin there . Thought of buying a dress since MNG is on sale now , so do Forever 21 . Serene bought a lot . Jealousnya . I'm so broke but then i feel like shopping . What the hell ? Plan to watch movie but then we girls need to do trading at little india , so Melvin suggested that we watch movie at gurney . It'll be nearer . Left my atok's car at Qb and Melvin drive to little india . After trading , OMG ! Kami perempuan terasa begitu cantik . Lol . Bulu bulu semua dah gone . Zero bulu ;) Bumped into Parthiban at Ananda Bahwan before we left to gurney . Had lunch at PastaMania . Took some pictures of us , but it's with Serene . Will upload soon . The worst part of the day , orang cakap spoiler of the day , we watched Haunted Changi . Dalam bahasa melayu apabila di translate kan menjadi ; Changi Yang Berhantu . HAHA . I wanted to watch the other horror movie called ; My Soul To Take but then the couple wants to watch Haunted Changi because they said it's a " nice " movie , according to Malcolm . So okay , haunted changi here we come . It took 20 minutes just to start that bloody show and for your infomation it's the worst lame shit horror movie ever ! I slept in the cinema . The movie is about a world war 2 between the British and the Japanese and bla bla bla historical facts . Whatever , i couldn't be bothered . Sumpah bodoh ok . It's more like a documentary by the Singaporean . Macam tue pun boleh jadi movie ke ? My godness sake , please fcuk yourself after watch that movie . Trying to be one of the kind ? Nah , you failed ! I couldn't stand that lame shit movie so we went out from the cinema . Burn my 6 bucks . It's still a money ok . I'd rather watch Rapunzel . We have no idea where to go . Walked up and down and finally Melvin sent me back to Qb and i went home . Though the movie suck , i can't deny it but still we had lots of fun together . Can't wait for next Wednesday . Tron Legacy . Double dates bebeh . Tomorrow will be going for Narnia at night with Mama .

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