Friday, December 10, 2010

Can't wait to get over you so 16th decmber please come faster ;)

It's Friday and i still have 3 days to study literature . Well , YES , i admit i am lazy . Very lazy . I've been eating and sleeping for the past 4 days . Awesome . Hanni Ahmad you've screwed yourself . GAH . Told ya , i hate long break . Had a super great time with Mawar today . Went out for lunch at Paparich ah e - gate , then we went Tesco cause i need to get some stuffs and finally went Gelugor because Mawar needs to snap picture for her new driving license . No more P sticker . Kira kau habis Pro ah ney ? LOL . Bumped into Aznil Majid at Gelugor . Ingat dah lupa i bhai . HAHA . Went Starbucks for tea time with Kiey . I still want to drive out your car . Sumpah kedekut tanak bagi . I'mma good driver ok ? I drive like a human ;) Had an awesome dinner at Subway last night too with Kiey . He gave me heart cupcake . Thank you . Baiknya hang ! I need to get back to books . Exam haven't finish and i've been going out like there's no more exam . Hong Soon , i bloody ENVY you ok ? This is not fair , you finish too early then the rest of us . Enjoying life too much and get wasted every single night . Count me in once i'm done . Can't wait for Christmas . I need a blast birthday celebration with my loved ones . Hoping Kak Nur and Daddy will be back for my birthday . I just can't wait to be OLD . Lame shit . Can't wait for 17th , i'm definitely will get broke on that day . Serene could you please stop shopping ? Cause you make me wanna shop as well . I need black & white dress from forever21 , high waist skirt , new top , sling bag from Carlo Rino or Charles & Keith . ( I keep on repeating the same thing over and over again ) NO , I'M NEVER DONE . I have so much things to do after 16th december . So 16th december , hear me carefully , I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OVER YOU . There'll be no more you and me . Never gonna see you again . YES ;)

Till then keep smiling . I just love the way i live my life now .

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