Friday, December 24, 2010

I can't wait !

Ohhhhhmmmyyyyyyyyy ! I am so excited for tomorrow . I just can't wait for it . Can't wait for the clock to strike at 12pm . 25th Dec . It means a lot to me . Well , it's not only just Christmas but it's my birthday as well . I'm turning 19 . Can you believe it ? Damn . I still can't . I don't even know if i were to act like 19 year old adult . Wait , i still considered as a teenager . Not too young , not too old . I'm balance . I can't wait for surprises too . Phone calls and text messages . Non stop wishes . Perggghh , belagak macam kau celeb Hanni oih . Lol . I'm just happy and super excited for birthday . I can't wait for Daddy's and Kak Nur's calls . I miss them a lot . I can't wait to see Mia's cake . She promised to bake a cake for me . My birthday cake . I can't wait for gifts . Yes , i know i DEMAND FOR GIFTS . Call me whatever , i don't care . Birthday kasi chance lah . It's only once a year . I can't wait to go for Birthday dinner with Mama , Umi & Mum . Birthday dinner with unregistered too . I just can't wait for Saturday although it's only few hours from now . Too all christian , Merry Christmas . Have a blast Christmas with loved ones .

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