Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow . I just can't wait for it . It's PARTAYYYY time bebeh . G hotel waiting for us . The pool , the bar , the room and of course the bed ! Good time with loved ones . New life begin , with new people around me . It's the end of 2010 , beginning of 2011 . My christmas and birthday was awesome . I had a splendid celebration with my girlfriends . Thanks Mia for the birthday cake , it was lovely and delicious . To my girlfriends who turned up the other day , thanks a lot ladies . Thanks for the gifts too . My holidays was well spent with my crazysexycool cousins . We had great time together . I wanna do bad things with you . That is Maizura's phrase . I will always remember that girl .
Well , throughout the whole year of 2010 , i've make a lot of mistakes . I've learnt a lot too . Those memories i had with my loved ones , i'll cherish it with me . I'm sorry for all the harsh words that came out from my mouth , things i did that hurt you peps , thousand of apologies .

This is for you ; boy , i wanna say sorry and thanks for everything . I never regret being with you . Not even a little bit . I was proud to be someone that you love the most , it's just me . Perhaps i was too rush in making my own decision . I should have think about us but i guess it's too late for everything now . Thank you for the birthday wish that you've sent to me . I was happy to read it especially when you told me that you miss me . Boy , i miss you too . Maybe a lot more than you do . Remember , you used to tell me ; let's grow old together forever ? There are so much things we did together . I still love you anyway , and perhaps one day you'll meet someone better than me . I will always remember the smile that you gave to me when we first met cause that smile makes me fall for you . I hope 2011 will be a good year for us to start a new life , but hey , we are still friends right ? I'm here for you if you need someone to talk too . Don't worry i don't hate you and i will never hate you .

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