Thursday, August 4, 2011

August update

Hey bloggie . We meet again . It's been so long since i last update you . Been pretty busy lately . So much things to do , a lot to think of . It's the starting of August , starting of fasting month . So far , everything went well . Alhamdulilah . I've resigned from Fridays but i'm still part of them . I miss you guys a lot . My farewell party was real awesome . I will never forget that . It's still in my head and will always be . It's been 3 weeks since i resigned and now i'm bored staying at home without doing anything . But then again , i don't think i would have the energy to work during fasting month . Long hours , couldn't stand . Basically , after resigned , i went to KL . Daddy is back from Qatar with his family . We had great time together . No heart broken or tears , it's all about smiles and laughter . Again , i feel thankful . ;) Went to check out colleges and haven't decided yet . I'm still thinking over it again and again . Having a major headache about it . A lot of changes in life , a lot of changes in myself and so do the people around me . I've seen negativeness in it and also positiveness . I myself can't predict what am i now . But i guess i'm still the same person as what i was before . Maybe there is a slight changes . I guess i've become more braver and stronger than before . I'm happy . ;)

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