Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Beautiful .

Last friday was Mama's birthday . 16th July . We're supposed to had dinner at Chilis but then there is no one at home to take care of atok if everyone go out . Last option we had was tapau pizzas from Pizza Hut and bake a cake for Mama :)

After classes i went back home around 12.30pm . Get a rest , bath and lunch . At 3pm sharp , i started to baked cake . It's Lemon - Orange Cake . Found the recipe in Star newspaper . It looks yummy , so i decided to try it . With the help of my aunt , enda pah . Thank god you were around or else tak tahu lah apa jadi dengan my cake . HAHA .

Baking cake was quite fast compare to biscuits , i think . Before Mama came back from the office , i cleaned up all the baking stuffs and put it back to it's original place so that Mama will not know that i've baked something . By that time she probably already knew it's for her . I sneaked out from house to enda pah's house at 6pm . We need to decorate the cake with icing . I only help a little bit because Mama found out i went out without telling her . So yeah , she nag . Right after Maghrib prayers , went out with Kak Sham to tesco . Bought pizzas for dinner and on our way back , we picked up enda pah and birthday cake .

We surprise d Mama and she was shocked . She was touched . Aaaawwww . * hugs and kisses *
That's all about it . We had blast night and celebration although it's at home . I'm glad Mama happy with the simple celebration . May Allah bless you always with love , happiness and prosperity . Amin . I love you .

Ps; Mama doesn't want any pictures to be uploaded because she was in her pyjamas when we surprised her .

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