Saturday, July 24, 2010

Demasquer La Nuit

I had a splendid time last night . Prom Night was AWESOME . It was full of fun & the best part we had dance floor with great musics . We were dancing & shaking & moving throughout the whole night . Credit to Melvin Tan , you did a good jod as our DJ & i love the punjabi song you played last night . That's what you called real fun . Everyone looked great with their outfits and not forgetting their CrazySexyCool masks . Benedict , your masks is super cool man . Thanks to Lady Gaga :) Yes yes of course i took pictures last night , i've already uploaded in facebook . Check it out ! But i do have some photos to show ;

Myself vani - ing with my own mask


My Gorgeous Ladies of the night

Serene Ch'ng , you look gorgeous

Adorable Lady , Fong Siew Yen

Beautiful Charisma

Sexy Louisa darling
I had a great great great time people . So much fun with my friends and yes teachers as well . Hope to be a cool one after our biggie exams . Can't wait for December .

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