Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visible or Invisible ?

I'm in pain right now . I need my pills . Ggggrrr . I need to go out to get it . Couldn't wake up in the morning so i skip classes for today . YEAY ! NO . It ain't yeay . I have assingments to be complete . I'm addicted to Vampire Diaries . I've been watching and repeat it again and again for the past 2 days , it is all because i miss that someone . Stefan Salvato reminds me of that someone . Someone that i need to live with and breathe . Okay , sounds lame . Whatever !

I need Coke . Just Coke . No no no , I need him . Where are you ? I wonder , could he be somewhere near or somewhere far away ? I wish he is near . No . He always here . Right here . Just that he is invisible and how i wish he is visible . I miss him , i miss us .

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