Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last week was an awesome week for me . Why ? It's simply because my cousin came all the way from Sarawak . Ohh i have do have her picture just that i feel super lazy to upload it from my phone . Anyway , her name is Sharifah Sarah Zafirah Edruce . She's a Sarawakian . I kinda learnt a lot from her how to speak in sarawkian language . Payah jugak kot nak sebut certain words tue . Lol . She arrived in penang on wednesday afternoon too bad i was working so she just stayed at home and wait for me to come back . The next day which is thursday , we went to Gurney . I'm bored of Queensbay , like seriously . I've been seeing it everyday . Tired if Friday's foods too . We watched Fast 5 again . I don't mind watching it million times just so you guys know Paul Walker acted in the movie . He's HOT . Gah . It was midnite movie at 12.15 and we reached home at 3am . Sakan kan ? I know . And not forgetting we had dinner at Chilis and to be honest Fridays food way much better . Especially their steak topper . I'm saying this not because i worked with Fridays but the truth . Second day we went 1st Avenue and so she got herself a handbag from Charles & Keith the same design that i wanted just that different colour , Her was pink and mine yellow . At night went to Queensbay , had Subway for dinner and Tutti Frutti for dessert and shisha at Hammer Bay with Afeez , Jenny , Lee , Brian , Henry and Navien . Great night we had together . So much to update each other . 3rd day before sarah went back to Sarawak we went Kapitan gurney had dinner there , naan cheese . Wanted to watch Paul but then there's no more showing . Showing time is very limited . Lepak - ing at Ivory nasi kandar istimewa and that's it . I miss her already . I had great time with you cousie . I love you . Thanks for belanja - ing me ;)

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