Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yesterday , we're ( Tiara , Jue & Myself ) supposed to go out for raya shopping & break fast . We've planned it for the past 2 weeks , i guees . As usual , i'm always the Excited one . The best part we've planned to wear baju kurung for shopping . Can you believe it ? HAHA . When we told our mothers about it , they were like ' are you serious ' ? and laughed . That's what they do best :)

The day has come but unfortunately , Tiara couldn't make it . Her cousin got into an accident . She had to rushed back to Kedah with her family . It's okay lady . Jue & I pray your cousin will recover soon & everything will be fine . Insyallah .

So Jue & I went out together without wearing our baju kurung as we had plan earlier . Went to QB , Jue shop for her raya clothes . She spent a lot . Bought shoes as well and i like her shoe :( Malangnya aku kepokaian . Takde duit nak beli kasut . GAHHHHH . Went in Vincci and i am so in love with their new arrival heels . How i wish Mama was around at that time , i can ask her for that heels . Red is so sexy and blacky is elegant . GAHHH . Had our break fast at Chicken Rice . Food was OK lah . Too many dishes on the table . Tak tau macam mana nak habis kan . We tapau back the food . Failed to finish it . We did not snap any pictures together because of my acnes . CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SKIN SPECIALIST TOMORROW . BAHHHHHH .

Conclusion i had a super great time with Kakak Jue . Oppppsssie . We shall go out again , this time Tiara must make it :)

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