Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Friday Night

Oh well , i miss you blog . It's been a long time since i last update you with my stories . Was busy working . I don't even have time for myself . All i know , when i get back from work , clean myself , had some supper and sleep . The next day when i'm awake , i gotta crack my head thinking what to wear to work . Nah , it's not an easy job man . Really . I need to have Red , Black and White with me all the time . Knowing me , i don't have those colours . My tops are usually bright colours , so yeah i gotta do some shopping then , and hell yes i'm broke . Oh damn . Now i wonder when actually i'm not broke and have money . NONE . I'm a spender . I spent a lot . Real alot . HAHA . Not easy to be ME . Anyways , i love working at Fridays . I love the people there . They're funny and managers are cool too . I admit , my life are more hectic nowdays compared to before i started working . But to me the important thing is , you love your job and your surrounding so definitely you'll enjoy your work no matter how tired it may be . ;) Being hostess is easy , you just greet people and bring them to their seats . And i swear i hate the part that we hoster and hostess gotta check the toilet every half and hour . I don't even do that at home . I don't do housework . At first , i find it very ma huan but as the day goes by , i'm used to it . So the conclusion is i love my job and i love my Fridays family . Not forgetting , i miss my 69 family . I wanna meet you people soon . We need to update each other .

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