Monday, November 15, 2010

In Memories .

I was out with Mia yesterday to saloon . She needs to set up her hair for her boyfriend's surprise birthday party . I was happy to see her smile infront of my eyes but then i don't feel good in the same time . I feel so uneasy . It's like i'll receive a bad news soon . I ignored my feeling until i received a text message from Serene saying ; Lyn Si passed away this morning . I was shocked . I don't believe it . It's too sudden . No , i can't accept . I'm sure she must have been mistaken a wrong person . Serene said they posted it at facebook so i online and i saw my friends commented at her status . She left 8.45am . I still can't believe it . I couldn't stop crying . It reminds me of arwah aida too . Death is unexpected isn't it ? We'll never know when it will takes us away . Thing in life that's closes to us each day is Death and that's far from us is Heaven .

Dear Lyn Si , i still don't believe that you've gone from this world . I didn't get the chance to know you well enough . It all happened to sudden . But don't worry , God has taken you to a better place . He doesn't want you to suffer from your illness anymore . He loves you more than we do . I will always admire your cheerfulness and your smiles . I'll cherish all the memories we had together in CGL . Those good old times . I'm proud of your never die spirit in fighting your illness . You're a strong person and you know you are . May you rest in peace my dear friend . You will always be in my prayer . Till we meet again in the next life . You'll always be in my heart . I love you .

If i die young bury me in satin
lay me down on the bed of roses
sink me in the river at dawn
send me away with the words of a love song
a sharp knife of a short life
she had just enough time .
- The Band Perry -
Ouah Lyn Si
15th November 2010
May you rest in peace .
We will miss you .

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