Monday, June 28, 2010

I guess it was meant to be this way .

I dance myself to the hallways . I was laughing and smiling at that moment until i turned . I was speechless . I was stunned . I do not know what to do . My eyes was focus on it . I doubt it was true and yes it is true . The beautiful eyes wouldn't deny the fact . It was a surprise . A big surprise for me . I had butterflies in my stomach . My vein was rushing up and down while my heart was beating up faster and faster . It's like the first time it saw it . Yes , it was wonderful . I couldn't explain my feelings but what i knew i had a mixture feelings in me . It's all about hate , love , revenge , pain , but it more towards miss . It's all about what i used to had with it . Oh , well it is still the same . Never changed . Wait , may be a little . It's the personalities . Other than that , it's all the same . Whenever i think about the past , i feel like struggle myself or hit myself back . If they were to ask me about the feelings , it's still there . It never fade . It's not that i didn't try . I did . I did tried hard , very hard and i thought i'm already success . I thought i'm already over it . I hate myself when i think about it . Feeling started to fade bit by bit when i think about the way it left , it died . When i think about the words it spoke to me , it died . When i think about the hate , it died . When i think about the way it treated me , it died . When i think about the pain , it died . But then , there are still some parts that are still alive . The memories . That's the only thing left . I cry to bed when i think about it , but it's over , it's past . Now i wonder , was it meant to be in this way ?

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